Apr 3, 2021 Masken by MHeintze

FFP2 masks have generally been defined as the most important everyday protection in the fight against the corona virus CoVid-19. They protect against the inhalation of the smallest particles and thus also against viruses that are in the aerosols of the exhaled air.

The Robert Koch Institute recommends FFP2 masks as the minimum standard against CoVid-19, which we offer here in the “NR” (not reusable) variant.

Which standards must be observed ?

A tight-fitting FFP2 mask provides suitable protection against infectious aerosols, including viruses.

Zitat: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA) Germany

In Europe, the European Standard (EN) applies. The German version is available as DIN EN 149:2001+A1:2009. The most important criterion of protection is the total leakage, which is checked according to this DIN and which may not exceed 8% for FFP2. (Source: Biological agents in health care and welfare | TRBA250, page 79)

How do you recognize the right masks?

Avoid procuring inadequate protective equipment. The labelling of each mask is crucial:

  • Origin: Are the manufacturer and product designations present?
  • Applied standard: Is the standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009 applicable to the country of origin printed?
  • Protection class: Which is indicated? Does it match the intended use?
  • Inspection body number: Does the marking contain the four-digit identification number
    of the inspection body?
  • Shelf life: Has the shelf life been exceeded?

In addition, this is important:

  • Product Sample : Are they available and do they actually exist?
  • Declaration of conformity (CE): Is it available for the specific product?

How to use correctly ?

Should the use be deemed necessary, the right FFP2 mask can only protect properly if the
application complies with the specifications. Therefore, it is important to check whether:

  • Job-related risk assessment has been carried out
  • occupational health care is offered
  • workers have been instructed and this has been documented
  • FFP masks have been demonstrated and practised in use and removal
  • Wearing times have been specified

Recommended handling steps

After using the Mask, how to dispose ?

Our FFP2 masks offered here are designed for single use. After use, the FFP2 mask must be disposed of in the normal waste bin. (Residual waste).

Correct fit of the mask

When wearing a beard in the area of the sealing line of respirators, the expected protective effect cannot be achieved due to poor seal fit.

These instructions have been prepared in accordance with the recommendations published by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association. (Berufgenossenschaft Germany)

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