About us !

DYNEWBEST GmbH, is a company that specialises in the distribution of high-quality products from Germany and Asia. Currently, the company relies on the advantages of local production in China for Covid 19 protection products, combined with direct factory distribution.

As a service importer, we directly procure goods on behalf of the manufacturer, which we temporarily store at our warehouse locations in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Our company was founded by Mr Yang in 2017. Mr Yang comes from Henan China, the hometown of Laozi Li Dan, and has extensive experience working and trading with China in the areas of:
  • Production,
  • health food,
  • medical consumables
  • and high-end processing equipment.Produktion,
The complete production chain enables us to have a stable supply of high-quality goods in trade between China and Germany. Combined with the logistics channels of European trade, we can deliver our products quickly, safely and with high quality.

We believe that 1+1 equals 2 !   In the future, we will develop together with high quality products and competitive prices for our long-term partners. And we can customise OEM according to your company’s quality requirements.
  • Our company vision: To promote trade and communication between Chinese and European enterprises
  • Our business philosophy: To profitably place ourselves in the market together with business partners.
  • Our talent concept: mutual support, sincerity, promoting each other and recognising each other’s possibilities and talents.

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