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Protection against COVID-19

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Protective measures against the Covid-19 virus will continue to determine our lives in Europe in 2021. Common sense demands them to avoid contagion in the future. They will help us find our way out of the lockdown and back into a normal – a different – life.

Wherever a gathering of many people is unavoidable, we are looking for safety. This is given with our FFP2 masks. All masks are hygienically individually packaged and have a CE certificate from the approved body no.: CE 2163.

Every professional group that offers its services in direct contact with people is aware of its responsibility and can reliably protect itself and its customers with our competitive prices.

Our popular SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid tests present the correct result with high accuracy after just a few minutes. Easy to use, they are an excellent way to check your personal health status before attending a family party or other event, and actively help contain the spread of the virus.

Together we keep the virus and mutations in check

In us you have found the right partner for protective measures against Covid-19, who can offer you fair prices and interesting discounts due to short distribution channels. Our products are stored in Germany and are therefore normally available for immediate delivery.

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